Like in the best stories, ours also starts from a passion, one for the vine and for the earth.

We are a family-run company dedicated to the cultivation of vines since decades, tied to a territory traditionally suited to this production.

Tenuta Oderisio was founded in 2004 from the wish to highlight the peculiarities of a territory strong dedicated to agriculture. Carried on by a tradition that goes on for four generations, its history it’s linked to that of the ancient medieval village where the winery is located: Monteodorisio, a small town at 315 metres above sea level in the green heart of Abruzzo. A reality nestled in the gentle hills of the Vasto hinterland, where the vineyards are embraced by the Majella to the west and cuddled by the Costa dei Trabocchi to the east, with a favourable microclimate and important day-night excursions. Tenuta Oderisio is an all-female company in constant growth and evolution, where the knowledge of tradition embraces the knowledge of the future. Today the company has 20 hectares of vineyards in which the Abruzzo “pergola” and the

row one alternate. The production of our wines is personally supervised from the planting of the vines to the marketing of the bottles. The vineyards are cultivated according to the most advanced agronomic techniques, in harmony and balance with nature and strictly respecting the environment. Every vine is an integral part of our family.

La nostra azienda vitivinicola nasce nel 2004, la storia dei nostri vigneti, invece, risale a molti anni fa, quando il padre di nostro nonno innestava in campo le viti di Montepulciano. Da quel momento il legame viscerale con la vite e il lavoro in campagna non si è più sciolto.

È stato nostro padre Mario, agronomo laureato presso l’Università di Pisa, a credere per primo in questo progetto e a trasmetterci l’entusiasmo per questa nuova avventura.

We are the ones taking care of the company today, Mario and Miria, Simona, graduated from the faculty of Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Pisa, Sara and Alessandra.

The future is in our hands, three young women born and raised in the vineyard, with the same grandfather who made us fall asleep on the tractor, to which, for fear of falling, he tied us to securely, on the way home in the evening.

This is our story. A family that believes in the territory, that respects it, that combines traditions with innovation.

Who personally takes care of all the processing phases and deeply loves its work. A synthesis of history and innovation.



Today our company has a total of 40 hectares of which 20 are under vineyards, in which the main cultivation method is the Abruzzo pergola, commonly called “hut”, followed by single-armed Guyot rows.

The artisanal approach to cultivation and production allows us to follow all phases of the production cycle with particular attention, from the vineyard to the cellar up to the bottling:

the vineyards are cultivated according to techniques that combine tradition and modern agronomic techniques, in harmony and balance with nature and with rigorous respect for the environment.

We take care of our vines at every moment of their growth, respecting the climatic variables and the specificities of each individual vine.

This approach has allowed us over the years to produce wines with a unique taste, making the most of native vines and with a great tradition such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Passerina, Pecorino.

Searching for innovation and the future we made a bet: in the lands of Montepulciano and Capanna, in 2012, going against various ideas and beliefs, we decided to plant the Syrah, a vine that has always fascinated our father since his university years.

This plant represents the new, where the fundamental principles of our company are intertwined: 9 thousand vines planted by 4 people, poles, irons, every single job was done personally by us. Alessandra, the youngest, only 10 years old, was there with us, bringing us water and keeping us company because for us this is family.

Even today that vineyard only recognizes our hands and when the Syrah was bottled for the first time in 2015 it received the award from the AIS as “BEST EMERGING ABRUZZO WINE”

it was one of our greatest satisfactions since we were also the first to bottle this vine in purity in our territory.

Our company aims to bottle wines made exclusively from the vine. Wines that express the territory from which they come.

Each vineyard lot is vinified separately at controlled temperatures, in the grape transformation process we try to use the minimum dose of sulphites, just the necessary to guarantee antiseptic and bactericidal protection of the wine.



The oldest vineyard is 40 years old and it is from here that we obtain our Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc “DON PANFILO”

This is a wine that fully combines history and innovation. It derives from a typical Abruzzo hut which, if in the common imagination it has always been seen as a form of farming used to produce large quantities to the detriment of quality, in reality this is not the case.

The bottle is in honor of our grandfather Panfilo who passed on to us his deep love for the vine, but in particular for his Montepulciano.

That Montepulciano who at 80 years old is able to recognize between 5 glasses of red wine just by looking at them, declaring “this is my wine”.

The Don Panfilo contains the meaning of our Family.

Our father, a strong supporter of the hut, was able to exploit its potential and characteristics by lowering production to 70 quintals/ha.

In order not to lose the true character of this wine, we decided to age it in 500 l tonneaus. of 2/3 passage for 24 months and 6 months in the bottle before being put on the market.

We hear about natural wines and ask ourselves: are there non-natural wines? We hear about real wines, so does that mean there are fake wines?

Everything that we, thanks to our father’s experience and preparation, have always put into practice such as green manure, controlled grassing that allows the development of a different microflora and microfauna essential to the ecosystem, is today seen as something innovative that induces confusion in the consumer who approaches this world for the first time.

We are farmers, winemakers from generations, we love our land and we live with it, we do not violate it with continuous work, fertilization, treatments, but we live with it in the continuous search for a balance so that it can repay us with the best fruits.

To be bottled, the wines must respond to certain chemical-organoleptic characteristics and this is one of the reasons why the “DON PANFILO” is not produced for all vintages.